Jackets - Softshells

The all-rounder of workwear products… true story.

Definitions for the Softshell vary, but it is typically thought of as a garment that uses softer fabrics, layered in various formats to create a mixture of windproof, waterproof, stretchy and super comfortable jackets.

Softshell jackets tend to be purchased either as mid or outer layers, depending on the requirements on any given team. Workwear Softshells are versatile garments that can fill the gap in a product range between a fleece and an outer jacket.

The idea of the Softshell is to let air move more freely through the material while offering water resistance, which not only makes them incredibly comfortable, but with the number of cool brands we stock in Softshells such as Berghaus, North Face, Regatta and Result – they can be fantastically stylish as well.

When wearing environmentally friendly outdoor gear is an important consideration; try our men’s or women’s Regatta Softshell made entirely of recycled plastic material. 

These jackets can be tricky; call our customer services team today if you would like any advice on product selection, we can also help you get your very own personalised Softshell jacket.