Medical Gowns and Scrubs

Standards for medical devices aim at improving the quality of the products on the market and are therefore vital for good clinical practice. Whilst hospitals are not obligated to the European Standards, these mutually agreed test methods are applied to all fabrics on the market, irrespective of their construction. This standard provides an excellent tool for users to compare product performance.

EN 13795 - an EU recognized harmonized standard - specifies requirements for surgical gowns and clean air suits. The standard sets out the technical requirements of the products, responsibilities of manufacturers, processes and provides information for the use of their devices, intended to prevent the transmission of infective agents between patients and clinical staff during surgical and other invasive procedures.

Our Surgical and Isolation Gowns are manufactured to the EN 13795 from our facility in the U.K. – these fantastic products are guaranteed up to 80 washes are represent a fantastic monetary and environmental benefit over the single use product. Buy them online today, or contact our team today to discuss bulk pricing for your Hospital, Care Home or Dentist.